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The making of the John Campbell Medal

Download PaperPublished December 2010 · FREE

The making of a medal - the story of the John Campbell Medal describes the stages in the manufacture of a new ICME award, the John Campbell Medal by Toye Kenning and Spencer who have been the Insti...


Transport - its reliance upon castings

Download PaperPublished November 2009 · FREE

Castings are used in huge numbers all areas of the transport industry, including aerospace, automotive and marine.

Moulding and Coremaking

Download PaperPublished October 2009 · FREE

An overview of the lasted in moulding and coremaking equipment and technology

Simulation and Design for Casting

Download PaperPublished July 2009 · FREE

A short article from NovaCast Foundry Solutions AB on simulating features.


Download PaperPublished June 2009 · FREE

The latest news and technological developments from the Diecasting Sector.

Health and Safety

Download PaperPublished May 2009 · FREE

The latest information on managing health and safety in foundries including work place transport (fork lift trucks, flooring and safety mats, and foot protection for foundry workers

Light Alloys

Download PaperPublished April 2009 · FREE

A look at the latest applications and research in magnesium and aluminium cast alloys

Education and Training

Download PaperPublished March 2009 · FREE

How is the foundry industry trying to help itself be trained and retain skilled personnel. A view from the UK and America.

Automation in the Foundry

Download PaperPublished January 2009 · FREE

Automated systems tailor-made to the unique requirements of de-sanding and de-burring, as well as overall surface finishing of raw castings, not only significantly reduce labour costs but also incr...


Art Casting

Download PaperPublished December 2008 · FREE

This feature pictorially highlights some outstanding examples of castings used for municipal and art applications.

Software Solutions

Download PaperPublished November 2008 · FREE

Synchro has designed four generations of integrated ERP/ MRP (production control) management information systems, specific for the foundry and cast metals industry. Managing director and CEO, Ch...

Melting and Holding

Download PaperPublished October 2008 · FREE

It doesn’t always have to be primary raw materials for cupola melting, say Gotthard Wolf, Herbert Löblich and Timo Wysocki from the Institut für Gießereitechnik IfG gGmbH, Düsseldorf.


Download PaperPublished September 2008 · FREE

Few industries can now ignore the use of robots, every year their numbers are growing and there is still no end in sight.

Rapid Prototyping

Download PaperPublished June 2008 · FREE

With the development over the last couple of decades of a wide range of additive layer manufacturing (ALM) technologies, rapid prototyping has become a recognised method for the creation of both ae...

Working with the Environment

Download PaperPublished May 2008 · FREE

Metal Quality

Download PaperPublished April 2008 · FREE

Automotive Industry

Download PaperPublished January 2008 · FREE

A new perspective on cast tooling manufacture


Furnace Technology

Download PaperPublished December 2007 · FREE

Gas purging in the induction furnace

Greensand Moulding

Download PaperPublished November 2007 · FREE

Norwegian stove manufacturer believes in greensand

Software Solutions

Download PaperPublished October 2007 · FREE

Stress simulation offers numerous advantages