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Going Full Circle - a recent history of Foundry Education

Download PaperPublished January 2018 · FREE

Brief history of training and education for the UK industry leading up to the new Foundry Training Centre, part of the Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills


Grain Refinement in Shape Casting of Aluminium - Part 1

Download PaperPublished November 2008 · 5.00

The present review, presented here in two parts, considers the grain refinement of aluminium alloy shaped castings and particularly Al-Si alloys. It examines the methods of grain refinement, ben...

The Application of Positron Emission Particles Tracking

Download PaperPublished October 2008 · 5.00

Non-metallic inclusions in castings are detrimental to mechanical properties. They act as stress raisers and hence sites for crack initiation and are frequently associated with fatigue failures. Th...

New Casting Process

Download PaperPublished March 2008 · 5.00

The EPGS Process: Science and technology of casting production

Inoculation of Cast Iron

Download PaperPublished January 2008 · 5.00

Inoculation of cast irons practice and developments