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The Ten Rules of Castings by John Campbell, OBE

Buy Book45.00 (Member's Price: 44.00) · Code: EBH 003

Each chapter of Professor Campbell's latest book, 'Castings Practice, the 10 rules of castings' considers one of his 10 rules. This book distils the theory and practice of the metal casting process, to guide the foundrymen to produce quality and reliablility. About the Author - John Cambell ha... Read More

Inclusions in Aluminium Castings Alloys

Buy Book180.00 (Member's Price: 175.00) · Code: AFS NF0500

David Neff, Technical Editor. The Molten Aluminum Processing Committee (2-G) of the Aluminum Division of the AFS undertook the production of a comprehensive compilation of existing key papers on aluminum foundry inclusions. These papers were obtained from technical literature - principally AFS ... Read More

Castings - Second Edition, by John Campbell

Buy Book48.00 (Member's Price: 42.00) · Code: EBH 002

Subtitle - The new Metallurgy of Cast Metals. This is the key publication for professionals and students in the metallurgy and foundry field. Fully revised and expanded, Castings Second Edition covers the latest developments in the understanding of the role of the liquid metal in controlling the... Read More

Cupola Handbook - 6th edition

Buy Book120.00 (Member's Price: 90.00) · Code: AFS FC9901

This is the most current publication addressing cupola operations. It features new technological advancements that every cupola foundry should know. The 28 chapters in the broad-reference volume cover all aspects of cupola operations, from construction through emission control, to computer-assist... Read More