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Metals Handbook: Desk Edition, Second Edition

Buy Book£132.00 (Member's Price: £125.00) · Code: ASM MH DE2

The "best" of the ASM Handbook in a single volume. If you only own one book on metals and their alloys, this is it. The definitive Desk Edition - a complete revision of ASM''s perennial best seller, packed with new and updated information. Highly practical (avoids theoretical content), assumes mi... Read More

Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist

Buy Book£91.07 (Member's Price: £81.96) · Code: ASM 563

Technicians, laboratory personnel, designers, purchasers and salespeople agree - if you work for a metals-related company, you need this basic reference for the non-metallurgist! Itís written for beginners as wel as those who need to refresh their understanding of a particular topic. Well-illustr... Read More

ASM Speciality Handbook: Carbon and alloy steels

Buy Book£239.00 (Member's Price: £216.00) · Code: ASM 496

Carbon and alloy steels are the workhorse of structural materials in modern engineering because of their very reasonable costs coupled with their many and varied properties that allow their use in such large array of applications. It''s very easy to take steel for granted and forget how much it''... Read More

Aluminum: Properties and Physical Metallurgy

Buy Book£129.31 (Member's Price: £116.38) · Code: ASM 165

Comprehensive information for the American aluminium industry * Collective effort of 53 recognized experts on aluminium and aluminium alloys * Joint venture by world renowned authorities-the Aluminium Association Inc. and American Society for Metals. The completely updated source of information o... Read More

Inclusions in Aluminum Casting Alloys

Buy Book£180.00 (Member's Price: £175.00) · Code: AFS NF0500

David Neff, Technical Editor. The Molten Aluminum Processing Committee (2-G) of the Aluminum Division of the AFS undertook the production of a comprehensive compilation of existing key papers on aluminum foundry inclusions. These papers were obtained from technical literature - principally AFS ... Read More