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Mini Casting Handbook, John Campbell

Buy Book15.00 (Member's Price: 10.00) · Code: ICME / ISBN

About the Author Educated at Cambridge, Sheffield and Birmingham, John Campbell first trained as a physicist, then became a metallurgical engineer, but finally has spent most of his life in foundries where he thinks he has made more aluminum alloy cylinder head castings than he ... Read More

Complete Casting Handbook

Buy Book95.00 (Member's Price: 85.50) · Code: Cam 2011

Prof Campbell expands and develops many of the ideas and topics that he has previously tackled and includes the more conventional casting technology subjects in one complete reference guide. The emphasis is on casting quality, or the minimisation of defects, and John''s enthusiasm for casting qua... Read More

Casting Defects H'Book: Copper & Copper Base alloy

Buy Book40.00 (Member's Price: 38.00) · Code: GM10CU

In Casting Defects Handbook:Copper & Copper-Base Alloys, many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of copper base alloy castings in both sand and permanent mold processes are presented. These defects are categorized by type with possible causes and, in some cases, ... Read More

Castings Defects H'Book: Aluminium and Al Alloys

Buy Book40.00 (Member's Price: 38.00) · Code: GM11AL

In Casting Defects Handbook: Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys, many of the common types of casting defects encountered in the production of aluminum alloy castings are presented. These defects are categorized by production method: sand-casting, permanent mold, high pressure diecasting, low pressure, in... Read More

Foundry Yearbook & Castings Buyers Directory 2013

Buy Book99.00 (Member's Price: 75.00) · Code: ICME FYB

New, updated version for 2013. A simple and versatile tool that anyone involved in the cast metals industry should not be without. - Lists foundries in the UK and Ireland alphabetically and by region, also classified by process and metal cast. - International suppliers to ... Read More

Castings Defects H''Book: Iron and Steel

Buy Book39.00 (Member's Price: 35.00) · Code: GM0800

Since publication of the first edition of the AFS Casting Defects Handbook, it has been considered the go-to pocket reference for metalcasting personnel worldwide for more than 35 years. This edition has been rewritten by George Goodrich in conjunction with the American Foundry Society (AFS) Cast... Read More

ASM Handbook Vol. 15: Casting

Buy Book231.00 (Member's Price: 208.00) · Code: ASM HB 15

1,300 illustrations and 335 tables with 9 major sections: Introduction and historical development, principles of liquid metal processing, principles of solidification, patterns, moulding and casting processes, foundry equipment and processing, ferrous casting alloys, nonferrous casting alloys, co... Read More

Foseco Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook

Buy Book88.00 (Member's Price: 86.00) · Code: EBH 006

This handbook provides a practical reference book for all those concerned with dealing with aluminium, copper and magnesium casting alloys. Contents include: Tables and general data, Aluminium casting alloys, Melting aluminium alloys, Fluxes, INSURAL refractory for ladles and metal transport, ... Read More

Foseco Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook, 11th Edn

Buy Book95.00 (Member's Price: 85.50) · Code: EBH 004

This is a practical reference book for all those concerned with making castings in any of the commonly used alloys, by any of the usual moulding methods. The Foseco Ferrous Foundryman''s Handbook is a practical reference book for all those concerned with making castings in any of the commonly... Read More

Foseco Foundryman's Handbook, 10th Ed

Buy Book87.00 (Member's Price: 85.00) · Code: EBH 005

Over the past decade much has changed in castings technology. The industry has become more international and increasingly castings are being made in developing industrial countries either for internal use or for export. International companies, particularly the large automotive companies, source ... Read More

Iron Castings Engineering Handbook

Buy Book155.00 (Member's Price: 140.00) · Code: AFS FC0100

The Iron Castings Engineering Handbook is an extensive revision and upgrade of the former Iron Castings Handbook, which was issued by the Iron Castings Society, Inc. in 1981. This book was prepared under the guidance of AFS''s Cast Iron Division and edited by George M. Goodrich, President, Pro... Read More

Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Irons and Steels

Buy Book201.88 (Member's Price: 181.69) · Code: ATP ASM 0007

The volume covers standard designations from worldwide standards for cast irons and steels, wrought carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, high strength steels and tool steels. Entries are provided for more than 30,000 alloy designations. Well over 5,000 entries have been updated and more tha... Read More

Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Nonferrous Metals...

Buy Book194.30 (Member's Price: 174.87) · Code: ATP ASM 502

...and Alloys Third Edition A companion volume to the Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Irons and Steels, this reference book gives you the same complete coverage and identical format for nonferrous metals and alloys. completely updated and expanded from the previous edition, it''s an absolute mus... Read More

Metals Handbook: Desk Edition, Second Edition

Buy Book194.30 (Member's Price: 174.87) · Code: ASM MH DE2

The "best" of the ASM Handbook in a single volume. If you only own one book on metals and their alloys, this is it. The definitive Desk Edition - a complete revision of ASM''s perennial best seller, packed with new and updated information. Highly practical (avoids theoretical content), assumes mi... Read More

Woldman's Engineering Alloys - 9th Edition

Buy Book120.22 (Member's Price: 108.19) · Code: ATP ASM 619

This is where you'll find data on the latest alloy or on a forgotten alloy that hasn't been used in years. Contains thousands of new records that include the latest alloys and current manufacturing status. Also lists alloys that are no longer produced but are frequently found in older references ... Read More

Smithells Light Metals Handbook

Buy Book95.00 (Member's Price: 93.00) · Code: EBH 12

Smithells Light Metals Handbook Edited by E A Brandes & G B Brook This handbook with its combination of comprehensive data on properties, standards and international materials specifications coupled with other unique features like the extensive section of binary phase diagrams, will no doubt be... Read More

Steel Castings Handbook, 6th Edition

Buy Book184.00 (Member's Price: 166.00) · Code: ATP ASM 504

With particular emphasis on the ability of castings to meet customer requirements, this guide tells you what you need to know about physical properties and other pertinent information in the design and use of steel castings. It''s been extensively revised from the previous edition to cover new ar... Read More