“The Bill Rooker Quiz”

Quiz Masters Bob Brown and Roger Davies

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Fifteen teams competed in the branch annual quiz to become 2018 champions and holders of the coveted trophy for the year. The night is a memorial to Bill Rooker who was for many years quiz master at this event. As in previous years there were 10 rounds with 10 questions per round and the teams could choose in advance which round to play a joker to double the score for that round. Each round had a cryptic title and the subject only became clear once the questioning had begun.

A break to recharge glasses and to enjoy an excellent buffet, sponsored by Sibelco, was taken after completing 5 rounds of questions. At this point 2 teams were leading with 38 points, Darcast and Siddons A. In third were Coalbrookdale Old Boys with 37 points.

At the end of a thoroughly entertaining evening the winners of this years’ quiz were Coalbrookdale Old Boys with a score of 79. In second place were Castings plc with 75 points and in third The Presidents with 74 points. The trophy and prizes were presented by branch president Richard Heath who also gave the vote of thanks to Bob and Roger for an excellent and highly entertaining quiz.