Packaging to prevent Corrosion to castings in transit

Friday, 20 October 2017

The west midlands branch October meeting held at Churchill Social club Wednesbury featured a presentation by Jerry Harwood of Technology Packaging Ltd on the use of packaging to provide temporary corrosion prevention for cast metals.

The company was founded by Jerry in 2001, and now has sales coverage throughout Europe with sales support provided globally.

Global customers include: Caterpillar, Cummins, JCB, Honda, Tata, Ford, and J.L.R.

The estimated annual cost of corrosion in industry worldwide is $2.75 Trillion, with $352 million being the cost to production and manufacturing industries. It is therefore essential to ensure that products are protected from corrosion at all stages of processing and shipping.
The presentation gave a detailed overview of the process of corrosion in cast components, and the various solutions available which fall into 4 basic categories, namely:
Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI’s). Barrier foil Laminates. Liquid corrosion inhibitors (LCI’s). And finally desiccants. The various types of product under each category were highlighted, and the basic corrosion protection process for each type was explained, along with the pros and cons for the various products.
Jerry continued by outlining the ‘best practice’ for packaging and highlighted several examples of both good and bad packaging.

Following a question and answer session, the vote of thanks was given by Trevor Yeats, after which the attendees enjoyed a buffet supper sponsored by Technology packaging Ltd.