Iron Gorge Museum Trust Visit

by the North East Level 3 Diploma Students

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

“Members of the North East Level 3 Diploma course visited the Iron Gorge Museum Trust Foundry located
within the Blists Hill Victorian Town on Tuesday 18th October to complete the practical greensand moulding
module of the course. Mr Roger Fewtrell gave an expert demonstration in the arts of manual greensand moulding,
supervising and assessing each of the candidates producing a mould from a pattern of their choosing.

The moulds were cast in the foundry and the resulting castings awarded as a memento of the visit.

From left to fight, Adam Gill, Apprentice – Peel Jones Copper Products, Mark Temple, Karen Flannery,and
Martin Illing, all adult learners – Doncasters Paralloy, and 4th from ther left, Roger Fewtrell.”