ICME Membership Grades

ICME has three main grades of membership; Member, Professional Member and Fellow as outlined in the panel to the right.

Students can join at a reduced rate until they complete their studies (there is a separate membership form that students can use available from ICME).

Annual fees for 2019:
Member, MICME - 125.00 per annum
(age 25 years and under) - 65.50 per annum
Prof Member, Prof MICME - 130.50 per annum
Fellow, FICME - 166.00 per annum.
Student - 65.50 per annum
Retired Member - 65.50 per annum

Interview fee (CEng/IEng only): unchanged at 125
Application fee for Technical Report Option (CEng/IEng): unchanged at 80.

Additional fees are payable by members who are registered with the Engineering Council (UK). Apply to ICME for more details on becoming a registered engineer and the fees that apply.

All applications for membership are subject to approval by the ICME Membership Committee.

Member (MICME) - This grade is for you if are over 17 and have an interest in the cast metals industry. No formal qualifications or experience are necessary to become a Member, but you are entitled to all the benefits of membership, including the right to use the letters MICME after your name.

Professional Member (Prof MICME) - You should have relevant qualifications (usually to at least level 3 or above) plus experience or have approved experience and training.
In addition, you will normally have a position of responsibility in the industry, such as a supervisor, Manager or Director.

Fellow (FICME) this grade is normally reserved for senior individuals in the industry who also have the relevant training and experience. You will be required to submit full details of your training and experience and be expected to show that you have obtained a position of senior responsibility and held this position for at least three years.

Student - You may apply to be a Student member if you are able to demonstrate you are undertaking an approved course of full or part-time study, including an apprenticeship, leading to a recognised qualification.

Please note: applications for all grades are subject to approval by the ICME Membership Committee.