The 73rd World Foundry Congress

''Creative Foundry''

To emphasise the main motto of the Congress: 'Creative Foundry', the special exhibition will be organised in the ICE Kraklow Congress Centre on September 24-25th. Its aim is to provide the leading world and Polish scientific-research centres, universities and enterprises with the opportunity to present - in the most modern exhibition techniques - the creative and innovatory solutions in foundry engineering technologies, materials, casting productions, instrumentations, machines and foundry devices as well as in management solutions.

23rd September
- Registration

24th September
- Opening Ceremony
- Keynote Lecture
- Technical Sessions
- WFO Executive Committee Meeting
- Exhibition: 'Creative Foundry'
- Welcome Party

25th September
- Techinical Sessions
- WFO Commission Meetings
- Exhibition: 'Creative Foundry'
- Gala Dinner

26th September
- Visit to the Metal Fair in Kielce
- WFO General Assembly
- Closing Ceremony
- Foundrymen's Night

27th September
- Works Visit

28th September
- Post-Congress Tours