ICME Code of Conduct

As a professional Cast Metals Engineer you are obliged to conform to the Institutes code of conduct set out below. Failure to meet the code may result in disciplinary action.

  1. To act with due skill, care and diligence and with proper regard for professional Standards
  2. To act responsibly to secure the welfare, health or safety of members and non-members.
  3. To act in accordance with the principles of sustainability, and prevent avoidable adverse impact on the environment and society.
  4. To continue your professional development throughout your career and actively assist & encourage members and non-members to advance their own knowledge and experience.
  5. To accept appropriate responsibility for work carried out under your supervision.
  6. To treat all persons fairly and with respect.
  7. To avoid where possible real or perceived conflict of interest, and advise affected parties when such conflicts arise.
  8. To observe the proper duties of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties.
  9. To reject bribery and all forms of corrupt behaviour, and make positive efforts to ensure others do likewise.
  10. To assess and manage relevant risks & liabilities and communicate these appropriately.
  11. To notify the Institute if convicted of a criminal offence or disqualified as a Company Director.
  12. To notify the Institute of any significant violation of the Institute's Code of Conduct by another member.