ICME National Awards 2010

The ICME 2010 Awards are presented to those in the cast metals industry who have exhibited excellence in their field and commitment to the cast metals industry and, in many cases, to ICME itself.

Oliver Stubbs Medal

  • Awarded to Simon Olive Prof MICME

E J Fox Medal

  • Awarded to Prof John Campbell OBE FREng FICME

John Campbell Medal

  • Awarded to Prof Murat Tiryakioglu PhD CQE

Meritorious Services Medal

  • Awarded to Dr Pamela Murrell FICME
  • Awarded to Michael Milner FICME
  • Awarded to Peter Harpin MBE FICME

British Foundry Medal and Prize

  • Awarded to D Apelian
  • Awarded to John Jorstad

ICME Diploma

  • Awarded to Dr Arron Rimmer Prof MICME

Jubilee Award (Ironmongers)

  • Awarded to Stephen Merritt MICME

Long and Notable Services Award

  • Awarded to Derek Baylis IEng FICME
  • Awarded to EurIng Andrew Turner BSc CEng FICME
  • Awarded to Richard Cairns BSc MIM Prof MICME

REMET Modern Apprentice Award

  • Awarded to Phillip Grounds MICME

Student Award - Best Technical Student Award (Ironmongers)

  • Awarded to Carl Barker MICME

Student Award - Casting Foundation Degree Best Student (Founders)

  • Awarded to William Garrett MICME